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Personalized membership for all types of travel

Travel Insurance. 24/7 Travel Assistance: Real-time assistance with destination medical systems, visa and passport issues, translations, etc.

Evacuation and Advisory Services: Transport/repatriation of members requiring hospitalization to the home hospital of their choice.

Overall Field Salvage: from the reason behind disease or injury, including Coronavirus, to the closest fitting clinical office.

Detailed Destination Reports: Travel advisories and destination reports for 215 countries and sovereignties.

Real-time Event Alerts: Up-to-date notifications of health and safety events worldwide.

Global COVID-19 Transport: On-site rescue and medical evacuation of COVID-19 infected individuals requiring hospitalization.

What is Preferential Treatment?

Travel insurance and Global Rescue membership are not the same.
Global Rescue membership is more than financial protection. Travel insurance is only meant to protect your wallet.

No one wants to imagine an emergency abroad. When the unexpected happens, you want Global Rescue’s team of medical and security experts by your side.

That’s why more than one million members, including NASA, U.S. Ski & Snowboard, and National Geographic, trust Global Rescue. Whether you are a leisure traveler or an extreme adventurer, we deliver when it matters most.

Global Rescue’s Services

Field rescue, including COVID-19
If you are unable to go to the hospital and need immediate medical attention, we will dispatch rescue. Whether you live near or halfway around the world, our rescue services are available to you.

Hospital Transport
In the unlikely event that you need to be hospitalized and are far from home, we have the proven ability to transport our members to the home hospital of their choice. This includes global COVID-19 transport.

Medical and Security Advisory Services
Our operations center is staffed by experienced nurses, paramedics, and military special operations veterans.

Travel Assistance
Whether it’s a language barrier in an emergency or a lost passport, Global Rescue’s Travel Assistance can handle unexpected problems.

In-house expertise
Consult with an in-house Global Rescue expert on your first call. Personalized contact, suggestions, and response will continue until your emergency is resolved.

Destination Reports and Alerts
Travel advisories and destination reports for 215 countries and principalities, including daily COVID-related information, destination-specific risk assessments and restrictions.

Travel Insurance

Cvid 19 Transpot.

Global Rescue membership includes
Whether a traveler needs a COVID-19 screening and testing regimen for travel or needs help finding a COVID-compliant medical provider, Global Rescue can provide assistance before, during, and after travel. In the event of an emergency, our medical and security experts can fully coordinate all aspects of your trip, from advisories to evacuation. Our advisory services will continue until the member returns home or is recovered. SEE MORE HERE

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Travel Services for Individuals and Families

Many things can happen during your trip. When they do, we are here for you.
The world’s most prepared organizations choose Global Rescue for their travelers. You should, too.


Global Rescue Services

Injury Point
Field Rescue

Global Rescue is a pioneer in providing field rescue services worldwide for our members in remote and hazardous environments. Our dispatchable teams are on call for serious medical emergencies to rescue members from the point of illness or injury.

Security Membership

In the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, civil unrest, or other danger to our members, a team of military veterans with special operations experience is available to provide advice, consultation, and evacuation services.

Medical Evacuation

Our fully deployable medical team has the unparalleled ability to transport our members from anywhere in the world to the home hospital of their choice. This includes global COVID-19 transport.

Destination Reporting
Destination Reports and Event Alerts

Destination reports for 215 countries and sovereignties worldwide include entry requirements, COVID-19 travel status and restrictions, detailed health and safety assessments, and required vaccinations. Get up-to-date health and security information from around the world.

Medical & Security Advisory Services

Global Rescue’s operations center is staffed by experienced nurses, paramedics, and military personnel with special operations experience. Global Rescue also partners with Johns Hopkins Special Operations Emergency Medicine, Elite Medical Group, and Harvard Medical School affiliate Partners Health Care.

My Global Rescue Mobile App

Access Global Rescue services in one place. View destination reports and alerts, enable emergency assistance and real-time virtual health visits, and track loved ones with GPS tracking and messaging.

Travel Assistance

  • Global Rescue Membership Includes
  • Visa and passport services
  • Translation services in 190 languages
  • Legal service offices in 160 countries
  • Logistics management and coordination

Hospital referrals
Referrals to more than 200 international centers of excellence and more than 5,000 clinics and nursing homes.

Transportation of remains
We handle the complexities of the process and transport the body to the home morgue of your choice.

Security Membership Upgrade
Additional advice and rescue services in the event of natural disasters, civil unrest, government evacuation orders, or other events that threaten your safety. JOIN NOW

Membership Details

Annual Membership
Open to individuals and families of any nationality. As an Annual Member, you can take as many trips as you like. Family membership includes the primary member, spouse, and up to 6 children under the age of 26.

Short-term membership
Short-term memberships are available for individuals or families with 7-, 14-, or 30-day options.

Extended Plan Membership
Extended Travel and TotalCareSM memberships are available for all nationalities ages 75-85.

Download the Extended Plan Application Form.

Student Membership
For students spending a semester abroad or taking a gap year. Global Rescue’s Student Travel Membership is an annual membership available to full-time students under the age of 35.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does COVID-19 include medical evacuation and transport?
Yes, the COVID-19 program includes medical evacuation and transport of COVID-19. Global Rescue will provide advice and transport services to members on COVID-19, as it does for other infectious diseases. As long as it is safe for both the member and the transport team and there are no legal barriers prohibiting it at either the member’s location or destination, Global Rescue may provide transport services to the member.

If I become ill while traveling, will Global Rescue fly me home in a private aircraft?
If the member needs to be hospitalized and wishes to return home, Global Rescue will provide medically indicated transportation. Global Rescue will determine the mode of transport based on the member’s safety, treatment, and comfort.

Does Global Rescue cover medical and vacation expenses?
Global Rescue is not an insurance company and cannot reimburse members for either medical treatment or member travel expenses arranged by the member. Medical expenses up to $100,000 are covered.

Will Global Rescue evacuate me from a war zone if I subscribe to security services?
If the situation in a country deteriorates and an official declaration is made, or it is clear that a member is imminently seriously injured, Global Rescue will dispatch and rescue the member, transport him to the nearest safe location, and evacuate him to his home country.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to join Global Rescue?
Membership in Global Rescue is open to anyone, regardless of nationality. Global Rescue will transport and evacuate members to a hospital of their choice in their home country. All membership prices are quoted in US dollars (USD).

If I want to be transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital for hospitalization and treatment, will Global Rescue transport me to a Johns Hopkins Hospital facility?
Global Rescue will transport the member to the domestic hospital of the member’s choice, regardless of whether the member chooses Johns Hopkins Medicine or another medical facility. However, Global Rescue cannot guarantee that there will be space for the Member to be admitted. Global Rescue will do its best to accommodate the Member’s request and will work with the receiving hospital to admit the Member and manage all logistics of the transfer.

Might Worldwide Salvage at any point send and get information records, faxes, bundles, and so forth.?Global Rescue can send and receive information to and from members in a variety of formats. Our operations center is equipped with state-of-the-art systems and ample bandwidth to send and receive large amounts of data. In addition, Global Rescue partners with worldwide courier companies that can physically deliver important documents and test results faster and in more geographically diverse ways than commercially available means. Shipping charges not related to transfers or made for the convenience of the member are the responsibility of the member. All transmittals related to cases that result in a transfer are included in the member’s fee.

When is Field Rescue service available?
Global Rescue provides field rescue services anytime a member is injured or becomes ill in a location where there is a risk of serious injury or death. For example, Global Rescue regularly provides field rescue services to members suffering from backcountry altitude sickness or orthopedic injuries, including sprains and fractures. For more information, please see the Member Service Agreement. SEE MORE HERE

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Rules and Exclusions

Transport Rules and Regulations: The Field Rescue Service provides transportation to the nearest facility when a member’s condition precludes transport to a hospital and could result in serious sequelae or death.
For members who are hospitalized or need to be hospitalized more than 100 miles from home, the service will transport them to the home hospital of their choice.

The country in which the patient is hospitalized must be able to safely accept Global Rescue’s air, ground, or sea transport. If the Member can safely use a commercial aircraft with or without a medical escort, Global Rescue will make the necessary arrangements for this alternative.

All administrations should be organized and given by Worldwide Salvage.Individual members are limited to two transports per year. Family members are limited to one transport each for common accidents or two transports in total. Members who become ill on a cruise ship must disembark at an accessible medical facility or port.

  • Transportation Exclusions
  • Members suffering from certain infectious diseases
  • Women in the second trimester of pregnancy or later
  • Mental illness
  • Travelers for medical purposes
  • Intentional self-inflicted injury
  • Members engaged in armed conflict
  • Conditions related to intentional overdose of a controlled substance
  • Conditions related to the ingestion of prohibited drugs
  • Conditions related to a previously diagnosed organ transplant or infectious disease

Travel Insurance 

IMG ®, the world leader in global hand benefits and trip insurance, has created a robust product knitter- made for the audacious rubberneck. It covers a variety of unanticipated charges during your trip and gives you the peace of mind that your trip is defended in the event of an exigency. ADD

Buy your Travel Protection moment 

Being Members: 

  • Log in to the Member Portal 
  • Select” Travel Assurance” from the menu on the left
  • Complete the purchase process and add Travel Protection to your class. 

 still, please communicate Member Services at(617)459-4200, If you can not recall your login information.または[email protected] 


  •  To buy a hand Travel Protection Plan without getting a Global Deliverance member, click then. 

To come a Global Deliverance member 

  •  Visit the” Join Now” runner. 
  • During the steal cycle, you’ll be provoked to add Travel Security to your participation. 

crucial Features

 Benefits IMG hand trip Insurance-Maximum Benefit 

Trip Cancellation

  • Travel Expense Insurance 
  • over to$ 100,000) 

Trip interruption

  • 150 of covered trip charges 

Trip Delay

  • Up to$ 1,000/ person( up to$ 250/ day for 6- hour detention) 

Travel Transit Delay

  • Up to$ 500/ person 
  • 3 hours detention) 

Change figure

  • Up to$ 300 per person 

Frequent rubberneck prices

  • up to$ 75 per person 

Baggage and particular goods

  • up to$ 2,500( up to$ 250 per item) 

Baggage detention

  • up to$ 500 

Accident and Sickness

  • up to$ 100,000 per person 

Dental charges

  • up to$ 1,000 per trip 

Pre-Existing Condition Waiver

  • Yes, if enrolled within 20 days of damage of first trip payment and not incapacitated for trip at time of plan expenditure payment. 

Common Carrier Accidental & Demention

  • $ 100,000 

Search & deliver

  • up to$ 10,000 per person 

Sports outfit Reimbursement

  • up to$ 2,000 per person($ 500 per day) 

Reimbursement Auto Damage and Theft

  • up to$ 40,000 per auto 

voluntary Upgrades 

Interruption for cause 

  •  Up to 75 of trip cost(non-refundable) 

Cancellation for any reason

  • up to 75 of trip cost,non-refundable 

fresh terms and conditions apply to all content; CFAR/ IFAR requires concurrent registration and applies only to passages going $ 100,000 or lower per person. 

Plan Samples 

10 Reasons You Need a Travel Protection Membership

Travel Insurance

You’ve traveled without incident. Why do you need a trip Class now? Then are 10 ways a Travel Protection Membership can help you. 

You’ve traveled without incident. Why do you need a trip Class now? Then are 10 ways a trip class can help you.

1. if you get sick or injured while traveling 

Travel Protection Membership evacuates the member to the nearest applicable sanitarium, clinic, or medical installation from the point of illness or injury. 

2. if the member needs to be transferred to another medical installation 

maybe the sanitarium may not be suitable to give the treatment you need. Travel Protection Membership may transfer the member to a screened medical center or to a home sanitarium of their choice. 

The closest medical installation may not always be the right bone

Global Deliverance will relate you to the sanitarium that stylish suits your illness or injury,” says Dan Stretch, Global Rescue’s Operations Manager. 

3. medical questions 

You may have questions about your condition, and our24/7 Travel Protection class platoon can direct you to the stylish medical coffers around the world. 

” Our gathering of clinical specialists consolidates paramedics, clinical chaperons, and subject matterexperts.We can handle everything from cuts and worried tummies to serious ails and injuries like casket pain and serious injury,” says Michael Exquisite, conditioning master for Worldwide Salvage. 

4. trip questions 

How can I replace a stolen passport? Where is the nearest drugstore? Your trip questions will be answered by an in- house expert on your first call. 

It can take several weeks to get an appointment for passport relief.” Maredith Richardson, whose passport was stolen in France, said,” The Global Rescue platoon responded faultlessly and got me an appointment for a passport relief in a couple of hours. 

5. terrorist attack or civil uneasiness 

With a single phone call, dispatch, or in- app communication, you’ll be put in touch with a security platoon with times of moxie in military special operations to give the stylish advice for your situation. 

There’s further than one plan. You need a secondary or tertiary plan. We develop spare air providers and ground options for operations related to civil uneasiness and terrorism. Just in case,” says Harding Bush, a former Navy SEAL and associate director of Global Deliverance. 

6. tragedies be. 

Death abroad isn’t a frequent circumstance, but body transport is a service that’s included in class. 

Every adventure trip involves pitfalls, including the ultimate pitfall, the loss of life. Although it infrequently happens, similar effects do be. And when it does be, the remaining favored bones

are faced with a variety of end- of- life tasks, including how to return the deceased from the trip. By using body transport services as part of your trip protection, you can save your family and musketeers time, plutocrat, paperwork, and gratuitous guesswork in an exigency,” says Bill McIntyre, Director of Dispatches for Global Rescue. 

7. coronavirus testing needed ahead, during, and after trip 

Travel Protection members can find hospitals and testing installations for coronavirus. 

One member traveling with his family asked Global Rescue to find a original critical care center where he and his family could be tested for viral antibodies and infection. Global Deliverance’s Medical Operations platoon delved the area, vetted multiple coffers, and handed the member with the necessary information,” said Jeff Weinstein, Global Rescue paramedic and Medical Operations administrator. 

8. your trip includes high- threat conditioning 

Whether it’s climbing Mount Everest, paragliding in the Everglades, or scuba diving off the props of a remote islet, your trip can include a high threat exertion. Class covers your adventure conditioning without limits.

Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue, said, “We’ve helped injured climbers stranded in a remote mountain range in Pakistan, adventure racers with dangerous infections in Fiji, a group of Middlebury College students caught in the civil war known as the Arab Spring and a honeymooner from Nepal who was struck by a major earthquake,” he said.

9. one-stop destination information 

Travelers don’t have to puzzle through a plethora of sources to sort through entry requirements, vaccination recommendations, safety levels, and more. As a member, you get destination reports for 215 countries and up-to-date travel information, including medical, security, and intelligence information, all in one place. 

‘The pandemic has redefined the way we travel. Travelers who want to travel again are re-examining what precautions and protections are needed in the current environment. said Weinstein.

10. peace of mind 

With membership in Travel Protection Services, vacations are truly a time to relax, escape, and enjoy. Travelers have access to a virtual team of experts, including doctors, paramedics, interpreters, logistics specialists, intelligence analysts, and security advisors. 

Global Rescue helped me stay calm, cool, and informed,” said British businessman Michael Breese Shepley of the dangerous quarantine in Nigeria.

It is no surprise that Global Rescue’s Travel Protection membership covers all 10 reasons. With a Global Rescue Travel Protection Membership, you are fully prepared wherever you travel. SEE MORE…

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